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Friday, 19 September

TEI Workshop 2014
Kiyonori Nagasaki

Saturday, 20 September

Session 1: Text and Data Analysis

A Visualization and Analysis System for Japanese Language Change: Quantifying Lexical Change and Variation using the Serial Comparison Model
Bor Hodošček, Makiro Tanaka, Hilofumi Yamamoto

Defining Literary Data: An Information Theoretical Approach
Devin Higgins, Thomas Padilla, Arend Hintze

Extracting Factors of Small Stories from the Synoptic Gospels
Hajime Murai

Session 2: Visualization

Visualization of the Practices of the Theravadins in Mainland Southeast Asia on Google Earth
Makiko Harada, Julien Bourdon-Miyamoto, Hidenori Watanave

Landscape Documentation: Collecting “Personal” Landscapes for Sharing within Communities
Tsuyoshi Tamura, Shoko Sumida, Mariko Kaname

Aceh Paleotsunami Reconstruction for Disaster Risk Reduction and Global Information
Nurjanah Jane, Hidenori Watanabe

A Visualization Method of Field Notes based on Locations and Topic Models
Yurina Takata, Hidenori Watanave, Masayuki Yanagisawa, Taizo Yamada

Plenary Lecture and Panel

Life on the Outside: Collections, Contexts, and the Wild, Wild Web
Tim Sherratt

Sunday, 21 September

Session 3: Text Analysis

Language Processing Pipeline for Narrative Emergence: Digging into Human Rights Violations
Ben Miller, Jennifer Olive, Ayush Shrestha, Nicolas Subtirelu, Jin Zhao, Yanjun Zhao

Kenneth Rexroth’s Syllabism Studied by Statistical and Text Analysis
Takeo Yamamoto

The Changing Appellations of “Japan” in Russian Magazine Rubesh in Harbin
Mao Sugiyama

Scope of Cultural Resources Studies: Text-Mining of a Newly Created Interdisciplinary Graduate Program with MIMA Search
Yusuke Nakamura, Hideki Mima, Katsuya Masuda, Chikahiko Suzuki

Plenary Lecture

Developing and Sustaining Digital Humanities Partnerships
Paul Arthur

Session 4: Encoding Materials

Digitization of a Catalogue of Oracle Bones
Tomohiko Morioka

Toward to the Definition of Safe Character Set of Nushu in ISO/IEC 10646
Toshiya Suzuki

Textual Encoding for Government-Designated Textbooks (Kokutei Tokuhon)
Akihito Kawase, Toshinobu Ogiso

Session 5: Interaction with Users

NeCTAR Virtual Laboratories and the Humanities Networked Infrastructure (HuNI) Project
Paul Arthur, Deb Verhoeven

SMART-GSWeb: A HTML5-Powered, Collaborative Manuscript Transcription Platform
Yuta Hashimoto

Participatory Agency and Technological Literacy via Museum Collection: The Case of Peter Mitterhofer Museum
Ya-Ju Yeh

A Multilingual Digital Humanities Project for Asia
Nirmala Menon

Sōseki’s Worlds: A Digital Representation
Dawn Lawson

Closing Plenary Lecture

Harold Short

Poster Session

Quantitative Analysis of Books about How to Write Narrative Text: Extracting Characteristics of Screenwriting, Playwriting, and Fiction Writing
Ryoichi Takahashi, Hajime Murai, Takehiro Inohara

Construction of 21st Century Archives for the Research Foundation of the Library and Information Professions and Education: Towards a Methodological Synthesis of Library and Information Science and Archival Science
Norihiko Uda, Yuko Yoshida, Tetsuya Shirai

A Case Study of a Contemporary Fiction Writer’s Revision Process for Creative Writing
Akira Kudo, Takeshi Okada, Dominick Chen

Quantitative Analysis of the Musical Style of Mozart: How Many Persons Should Play Eine Kleine Nachtmusik?
Michiru Hirano, Hajime Murai, Takehiro Inohara

Quantitative Analysis of Dissonance in Solo Piano Works by Claude Debussy
Aya Kanzawa, Akihiro Kawase, Hajime Murai, Takehiro Inohara

Development of an AsymptoticWord Correspondence System between Classical Japanese Poems and their Modern Translations
Hilofumi Yamamoto, Bor Hodošček, Hajime Murai

Memory Hunting: A Mobile App for Collecting the Location Metadata of Old Photographs
Asanobu Kitamoto

The Construction of Accurate Old Landform Data based on the Collaborative Edit Scientifically
Yoichi Seino, Mamiko Mataza, Takafusa Iizuka