Union of Library and Information-media Studios (ULIS), University of Tsukuba.
Kasuga 1-2, Tsukuba-shi 305-8550, Ibaraki-ken, Japan.

Campus map (Kasuga area) and its PDF version are also available.


Access from Narita or Tokyo to the center of the city center of Tsukuba (TX Tsukuba Station or Tsukuba Bus Center):

From Narita Airport:

Take the “Keisei Airport Bus” (or the “Kanto-Tetsudo Airport Bus” from the same bus stop) for the “Tsukuba-Tsuchiura” destination (2600yen, 100min-2 hours.) Get off the bus at “Tsukuba Bus Center”. Bus Tickets are available at Keisei Bus ticket counters on the first floor of both airport terminals at Narita Airport. Please note that the stop you will be getting off at, Tsukuba Bus Center, is not the final stop of that bus line. (

From Tokyo and other major cities in Japan:

Take the “Tsukuba Express (TX)” train line from Akihabara Station (Akihabara Station is 2 stops from Tokyo Station on the “JR Yamanote” line. Once you arrive at Akihabara Station, you will be transferring from the “JR” Akihabara Station to the “TX” Akihabara Station which is underground. The transfer involves a long descent, so look for the elevators if carrying luggage.) Take either a “rapid/ kaisoku” (45min) or a “semi-rapid/ kukan-kaisoku” (52min) train. Do not take the “local/ futsu” trains. Get off at the final stop of the “rapid” and “semi-rapid” trains, “TX Tsukuba Station” (sometimes called “Tsukuba Terminal”). Beware as some of the “local” trains do not go to the final stop. ( )

Walking Directions from the city center of Tsukuba (“TX Tsukuba Station” or the “Tsukuba Bus Center”) to the conference venue (“Kasuga Campus” at the University of Tsukuba):

Please note that, in contrast to the main campus which is farther from the bus and train stations, Kasuga Campus of the University of Tsukuba is within an easy walking distance (only 1/2km) from the Tsukuba city center, where both the “Tsukuba Bus Center” and “TX Tsukuba Station” are located.

When leaving the bus or train station, look for the nearest crossing, adjacent to a park and right by the police station (“Koban”) with a red lamp over the entrance. Cross the street and walk past the police station towards the north (on the smallest of the intersecting roads, alongside the park). Walk for about 400m and that road intersects with another road forming a T. Cross the intersecting road (there is a zebra zone at the crossing but no traffic light). You will be facing the Kasuga Campus. Turn right and walk a short distance to the campus entrance.


If necessary, taxis are waiting in the Tsukuba Bus Center at all times. Tell the driver “Kasuga Campus, Tsukuba University.” It takes two minutes. The fare is 710yen.

Taking a taxi from Narita Airport (over 20,000yen) or from Tokyo is not recommended unless necessary in special circumstances.

The university route map is also available.