Conference Participation Fee

For ADHO Member

"ADHO Members" are subscribers to Literary and Linguistic Computing(LLC) on the Oxford University Press. Your subscriber number is your member number. If you are already subscriber, you can retrieve your subscriber number by going to: and then choosing "Manage your subscriptions" and scrolling down to see the 8-digit number (in boldface). Please be aware that leading zeroes will also be counted.

OUP subscriber number

Otherwise, we strongly recommend you to join ADHO, the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organization, via the OUP website so that you could be a member of the leading international digital humanities community. (Reccomendation and how to join in Japanese)

・Early registration 6,000 JPY (by 20 August)*
・Early student registration 2,000 JPY (by 20 August)*

For non ADHO Member

・Early registration 18,000 JPY (by 20 August)*
・Early student registration 5,000 JPY (by 20 August)*

*NOTE: To be eligible for early registration, payment must be completed by 20 August 2014 (23:59 GMT).

Workshop (19 September) Fee
Banquet on 20 September
JADH AGM on 21 September